Just like we put everything into training, we’ve put everything into making our gym a premium, modern training space. Come and check it out – we think you’ll like it. On the inside, you’ll find coached classes and open gym facilities. Choose which is best for you and together we’ll transform your health and fitness.

Berserkers are warriors with superhuman strength and they all train here, where we’ve built one of Belfast’s best gyms. We’re friendly but fierce about fitness and we take no prisoners when it comes to working out. So you’re always free to go but something tells us you’ll want to stick around and sweat it out

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I’m not OCD! I’m just passionate about fitness and I like having an organised, clean training space to train in. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and have all the CrossFit qualifications but I’m still learning from everyone around me. I can’t be doing with single leg squats – give me handstand press ups any day of the week, I move better upside down! I always tell new members one thing: go big, because you can always go back. Focus on getting a little better each day and be patient



I got into coaching because I loved how exercise made me feel and I wanted to help others feel how I felt. Exercise to me felt like an achievement both physically and mentally so it felt like something I wanted a career in. My favourite thing about coaching at CrossFit Berserk is the people. Everyone is doing it for their own reasons which is important because they want to be there. A good day in berserk is coaching some classes and a few clients but leaving me with enough time to do the important tasks outside of the gym like seeing people the people close to me in life and if I get a nap it’s even better.



I got into coaching with Berserk in competitions and through Eamon giving me the chance. Training is the biggest part of my life - I enjoy it and love passing on what I can to others. I don’t have a favourite exercise or any I hate, though I don’t mind any kind of squat, even if my knees don’t agree. On the other hand, a dual kettlebell/dumbbell snatch would put hairs on your chest. Tough stuff! Everyone here is always striving to be better and there is no better environment to be a part of. Change doesn’t happen overnight but if you’re patient and dedicated, you’ll see results.





After having my own kids I saw that there was a need for good bespoke youth coaching. I wanted to train specifically in this area to help strengthen youth in an appropriate way. I have built up my qualifications and knowledge over the last 7 years and we have created an awesome youth program at Berserk, we are the longest standing Crossfit youth program in Northern Ireland. We share a unique love/hate relationship of burpees, however the fundamentals behind our youth classes is to enjoy fitness as if you don’t have fun you won’t return! Overall I love seeing kids and teens surpassing my skills and gaining confidence through fitness.





  • Fit Out by Belfast’s BLK Box Fitness
  • 3 Training Spaces
  • Dedicated Open Gym Space


  • On-site Sport Therapist
  • Changing/Shower
  • Chill Out Social Space